A Little Bit About Us

A Little Bit About Us

A Company Like No Other

Steven S. Miller, Jr. has been around the building industry all of his life. From the time he was very young, he was on the jobsite with his father and grandfather learning from their experience. He was a framer for over 18 years and is now building custom new homes for over 9 years.

Steven has worked in the construction business in many other states such as: Nevada, Montana, and Florida. Today, he has brought his experience and knowledge of building to the Magic Valley.

Steven and his wife, Rachel, share their expertise with clients and educate them during every step of the building process. The Miller’s believes that a home should be as unique as its owner- with character and personality. Proof of their philosophy and craftsmanship is scattered across Southern Idaho.

Steven and Rachel have two young boys. They reside in the Twin Falls area, and they are always in touch with doing volunteer work for their community.

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