The Building Process

The building process is at the core of what we do at Steven S. Miller Construction. We treat every home as a unique project, with the goal of creating your dream home just the way you want it.

After you have picked out the perfect location and floor plan (one of ours or one we draw up specifically for you), it's time for the construction to begin.

During the entire building process, Steven S. Miller will be at the home site on a daily basis to ensure quality during every step of the construction process of your new home. The home will go through mandatory city or county inspections for foundation, framing, insulation, plumbing, electrical and HVAC, and then a final inspection to receive a Certificate of Occupancy.

While your home is being built, Steven S. Miller will be in continuous contact with you to make sure all the features of your home are just the way you want them. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact Steven at any time to answer questions and resolve any problems. We look forward to making this process as enjoyable and personal for you as we possibly can!

The Main Steps

  • 1. Apply and receive building permit.
  • 2. Excavate and pour concrete foundation.
  • 3. Framing of floor, walls, and roof.
  • 4. Exterior windows and construction doors installed.
  • 5. A walk through with the electrician is done to make sure we install electrical and light fixtures to fit your individual needs.
  • 6. Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical rough-ins are completed.
  • 7. Insulation is installed.
  • 8. Drywall and wall texturing is completed.
  • 9. Trim carpentry is started, installing doors and trim.
  • 10. Painting is started using the colors of your choice.
  • 11. Custom cabinets and countertops are installed.
  • 12. Carpet, wood, vinyl, laminate, tile, etc. flooring is then installed.
  • 13. Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC trims are completed.
  • 14. Drywall and paint touch-ups are completed.
  • 15. A final walk through is done with Steven S. Miller to make sure everything is completed just the way you imagined it.
  • 16. Final inspection is completed.
  • 17. The building process is completed within five months on most homes. The process may take longer on larger custom homes with more detail work.